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Straight from winter 2019 runway jewelry come some surprising oldies!   Chunky gold chains,  worn around the wrist, as chokers or pendants are all the rage.   Vintage gold chains are also making a huge comeback.   The biggest trend at the moment is the use of brooches on everything from elegant wool coats, fitted plaid jackets to shirts and sweaters.   Gold brooches, highlighted with pearls or diamonds add intrigue to most outfits and set your outfit apart.   Andrews Jewelry has a large selection of brooches encrusted with colored gemstones, diamonds or pearls.

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Chunky gold chains are striking fashion statements and can be layered with other chains or worn on their own.   Gold can look spectacular layered with a string of pearls and pearls are back in the limelight right now.   



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Pearls have been around for centuries and can be used with a casual daytime outfit or to dress up an elegant evening outfit.    Worn as single strands, or multi-layered they have a beauty all of their own varying in color from pink, grey to black and of course creamy white.   Pearls are ageless and can look fantastic with the leather jackets that are making a huge comeback this season.   The contrast of white or pink pearls against a black leather jacket is magnificent and will show off your individuality.

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Andrews Jewelry Store in Centennial, CO prides itself on their constantly changing range of vintage diamond, gold and pearl jewelry.   We buy engagement rings, diamonds, vintage jewelry and have a love for our collections each with their own history.   Beautiful one of a kind vintage colored gemstones such as rubies, sapphires and emeralds set into engagement rings as well as unique brooches are just some of our recent collections.   We also have a large selection of unique hand carved cameos which can be worn as pendants or brooches.   Cameo brooches worn on a plaid or tailored jacket make a striking statement this winter.

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Andrew Jewelry Store is a manufacturing jewelry store and our resident gemologist has been designing and resetting engagement rings, wedding bands, necklaces and just about any kind of jewelry for the last 30 years.   His designs range from contemporary to vintage but are always unique.   If you are planning to reset your engagement ring or upgrade your diamond, our prices are unbeatable and our quality superb.   Come in and take a look at our various styles and we will always be happy to help you with your designs.

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