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The History of Adornment

We may have advanced in so many fields as humans but one thing has remained the same – our need to express our individuality and yet have a sense of belonging.


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Jewelry was worn by ancient men and women to ward off evil spirits or as amulets for health or wealth. More importantly, ancient pieces showed who we were, where we came from and what our belief system was. Early jewelry pieces were made from remnants of the hunt such as feathers, bones and teeth. These helped to give credibility to the prowess of the hunter and his abilities to conquer. Many primitive jewelry pieces came from nature such as colored pebbles, shells, bone and later semi-precious materials such as obsidian. These were all precursors to colored gemstones.


Gold’s chemical symbol Au, which stems from the Latin word aurum meaning shining dawn, is a precious metal used since antiquity for the production of coins, jewelry, crowns as well as art pieces. Because it wasn’t corrosive it became an exclusive art form, used for religious artifacts, decorating vessels and art pieces.
The Romans set semi-precious gemstones with metals such as gold, this technique carried on into the Byzantine era where they added pearls and enamels to their adornments.


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In today’s modern world you can find many different kinds of gold from white gold, yellow gold to rose gold. Platinum and silver are also widely used in jewelry design. The wonderful thing about jewelry of any kind is that it can be recycled and never lose its beauty. Whether set with semi-precious stones or diamonds,every piece will eventually find a new home.

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