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Now’s the perfect moment to discover the vintage jewelry that’s been hiding away for all those years. Perhaps tucked away in an old jewelry box Grandma left you or forgotten in the attic. Andrews Jewelry Store in Centennial, Colorado is always honored to buy these one of a kind pieces which come with so much history behind them. Each piece has its very own story, making them more memorable and unique. Whether it’s a fine necklace with intricate gold designs or perhaps a hand made ring with semi precious stones, we will be able to assess your personal piece and give you the fairest price for it.


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Deciding to finally sell your precious engagement ring or vintage gold jewelry can be a very emotional and overwhelming decision. Keep in mind that choosing the right jeweler to evaluate your special piece is vital. Not every jewelry store has the experience and expertise to evaluate vintage diamonds and gold jewelry correctly. Our highly qualified gemologist and jewelry designer at Andrews Jewelry Store is an expert in vintage jewelry evaluations and redesigns.


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Our skilled craftsmen work with yellow, white or rose gold, silver or platinum to suite your design. We are one of the top gold jewelry buyers in Centennial, and will evaluate your jewelry and offer you a very fair price for your special pieces. Our staff are welcoming and always excited to enjoy your stories around your collections or individual rings or bracelets. Another option that we love to offer you is redesigning your very own ring or necklace, using the existing diamonds or semi precious stones. We will enjoy and spend time with you establishing the perfect design for your personality. Either way, it is always an exciting project to bring these precious items back to life.


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We can design pieces with diamonds or colored precious or semi precious stones such as rubies, emeralds, moonstones or even tanzanite or aquamarine, and turquoise depending on your color choices. The latest trends in delicate, feminine layered necklaces and bracelets, adding charms or knots has been very popular. So please pop in and visit us at Andrews Jewelry Store, we would love to meet you.


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By August 8th, 2017