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Gold Jewelry Forever

With every new season comes a new trend in jewelry but one thing is certain, gold is always in fashion. No matter whether it’s yellow, white or rose gold, this beautifully versatile metal is always in fashion. The fall and winter collections seen on the runways show a leaning towards bold, extravagant pieces. Some of the eye catching designs in earrings are chandelier earrings, and cuff earrings, encrusted in diamonds or brightly colored gemstones, allowing your individuality to shine through. Also big this upcoming season is gold and silver classic hoops. Varying in size and classically contemporary, hoops will finish off any outfit without being too fussy. Cuff and crawler earrings will definitely add a new edgy twist to your outfit, and can be set in elegant diamonds or colored gemstones of any shape or size. Not to be forgotten, stud earrings are very much in the forefront from classic pearls to large diamonds set in solid gold or white gold settings.


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Hoop earrings come in so many shapes and sizes and can be set in yellow, white or rose gold with additions of diamonds or perhaps a texture of beaten gold or engraved gold.


Hoop earrings | Gold hoop earrings | Silver earrings

As far as rings this season, anything goes, the most flamboyant the better. Large colored gemstones and semi-precious stones are big for Winter 2017.


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One of our specialties at Andrews Jewelry Store in Centennial, CO is to redesign your gold jewelry. We are one of the largest buyers of vintage gold and diamonds so come in and meet our friendly staff and gemologist for a fair estimate and some advice on redesign and updating of your special pieces. We will be happy to meet you and discuss your needs.

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