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The Gemologist’s True Value

There is no doubt in today’s fast moving jewelry market that you have to have a professionally trained
Gemologist you can trust to value your special pieces. Whether you are thinking of selling some inherited gold or diamond jewelry or perhaps you want to redesign your engagement ring or wedding band, we are able to give you a true, unbiased value. It is also important to update your insurance so that you are not left out of pocket if one of your pieces is lost or stolen. The value of your diamonds, gemstones and precious metals are constantly changing so it’s in your best interest to stay informed and update your appraisals. We are one of Denver’s top estate jewelry buyers, with the result that we stay informed of changes in market costs, new gemstone treatments and market trends in engagement ring designs. All these factors help us assure the highest degree of accuracy possible when appraising your jewelry.


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As one of Denver’s top Jewelry Buyers we are always interested in the history behind each and every piece that is brought to us. We have a huge inventory of vintage necklaces, diamond engagement rings, wedding bands and a vast assortment of earrings, with semi precious and precious gems. Our friendly staff and gemologist love to hear the stories behind your pieces and give them a fair assessment and value. We believe that part of the design of each piece is its story which will make it totally unique. Our jewelry designer has a sharp eye for getting the most sparkle and color from a special stone and has his finger on the pulse with the latest designs and trends in jewelry and gemstones. Each design will be totally individual, designed with your personality in mind. Our friendly staff are always interested just to hear your story and be of service in helping you to make a decision with your collection or individual piece of jewelry.

Below is a fun chart of magnificent gems for you to look at. Come in and visit us in our Centennial Jewelry Store and enjoy our gold and diamonds collections.


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By November 9th, 2017