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Deciding to purchase a piece of vintage jewelry is probably one of the smartest decisions you can make.
The main reason we at@ Andrews Jewelry Store have bought so many beautiful pieces of vintage and antique jewelry over the years is their craftsmanship and  quality and cut of the gemstones. These truly unique, one of a kind, hand made pieces are the best finds you can invest in.

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They have history behind them, have proved the test of time as far as quality goes and are very reasonably priced making vintage jewelry and engagement rings a wonderful investment overall.
There are many emotional and practical reasons to buy Vintage and Antique jewelry but we have narrowed it down to a few points:

  1. Own a piece of history – each unique piece of jewelry has a story behind it.   The designs represent a very targeted time in history and you can share in this beauty.   Most of the vintage pieces are hand-crafted using knowledge and techniques that don’t exist anymore and can’t be reproduced by anyone today, because of the time it would take.
  2. Our prices are way below retail on these unusual vintage pieces of jewelry and you can probably find a vintage engagement ring for far less than a modern engagement ring.
  3. Environmentally Friendly -Buying pre-owned jewelry means less mining and air pollution preserving  valuable resources like fuel, forests, and water. It helps to save wildlife habitats and keeps chemicals and waste out of our precious water supplies
  4. Personal Style – there is no better way to show off your own style and personality.   Wearing jewelry from your favorite era sets you apart from the everyday styles and makes a statement.
  5. Preserve the Past – Buying pre owned jewelry helps to preserve the history and craft of certain eras in jewelry design long forgotten.   These are styles that future generations will appreciate and love.    It’s important to keep the history of these remarkable talents alive.

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Our gemologist, @Bill Garlutzo, specializes in unique custom jewelry design and some of the most unique #vintage and #antique engagement rings, necklaces, pocket watches, bracelets and earrings.   If you have any questions about our products, services or hours, feel free to call us at:
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We are one of the largest gold buyers, jewelry appraisers and vintage jewelry buyers in Denver CO.  
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By September 9th, 2019